Who we work with

We work with a range of customers, from large multinationals to small-scale businesses. We help them adopt technology to maximize its advantages by proposing and developing the required application and infrastructural changes.


The application landscapes of many large organizations are a tangled mess of legacy processes, technology, infrastructure, and skillset. We have helped clients navigate this web and untangle it, which results in greater time and cost efficiency.

Whether you manufacture goods, provide a public service, sell products to consumers, or facilitate finance and commerce, E-axon can help you elevate your operations, control costs, and amaze your customers with the latest digital enterprise capabilities.


We bring years of software delivery experience to every partnership. No matter which industry your business belongs to, digital technologies are a necessary part of remaining competitive and profitable. Read some of the client stories to see how we are helping our customers.

Hiring globally as simple as hiring locally

We worked with our client from Silicon Valley to build a platform that enables enterprises to build a workforce globally & remotely. The platform pertains to; human resource challenges and payroll management.


At E-axon we believe its eminent for client satisfaction, to involve the client throughout the process of software development. So, enterprise-trained minds at E-axon sat down with our friends at the valley and after several sessions of ideation, we chose the best possible technologies for the system. With client-side built in modern JS library – React and the server-side in NodeJS & Typescript utilizing the enterprise-approved Onion architecture combined with domain driven development. We also Integrated Stripe payment gateway while adhering to Industry standards with client and user data security in mind.

From inception to production, the project was delivered in 10 months. Meeting tough deadlines while adjusting for new, mid-cycle requirements by the client. The partnership has enabled an agile transformation adapted to the reality of the company, generating scalable impact and allowing the client onboard customers simultaneously with product development.


We loved working on a project that not only helped our clients plan come to fruition but actually favored the end user by providing work opportunities across the globe.